Monday, August 24, 2015

Picture Perfect Pinterest

I began composing this post in July, and following the time when, I have contemplated squeezing the “distribute” catch. On the off chance that you are a blogger, you likely hear what I’m saying. At times squeezing that catch is intense.

I took photos of our motion picture theater sign on the grounds that I was SO eager to demonstrate to you that we got letters! You know, the old school marquee letters that you utilize a shaft with a suction glass to put them up!?!? That is correct! I was similar to a child in a sweet store when Dan brought them home on the grounds that we’ve been on the quest for a considerable length of time! Be that as it may, rather, following 5 minutes of taking a gander at the photos I had quite recently taken, my fervor swung to frustration.

Need to know why? Single word. Pinterest.

I genuinely thought this precise sentence in my mind, “Now I’m going to need to retake the photos.”

And afterward I woke up and shouted, HELL NO! I swear when I’m frantic or when I’m being snide. Alright, the fact of the matter is I swear somewhat here or there. I’m attempting to stop however. At regular intervals I attempt and quit and after that I do truly well for a little while and afterward… well, you know, I tumble off the wagon. I experienced childhood with a ranch, so that is my support. Damnation and Damn aren’t swear words, isn’t that so? Try not to answer that. {Sorry Mom}.

In any case, proceeding onward…

I feel like Pinterest has changed things, and rather than being eager to share something, I have an inclination that it ruins the energy and it makes me feel like my photos should be PERFECT.


As a blogger, we must be aware of Pinterest activity. We attempt our hardest to take Pinterest commendable pictures so that you may be slanted to stick a photo or two when you visit.

Be that as it may, in some cases I defy Pinterest in light of the fact that I miss the great ‘ol days. Thus, you may see that my posts aren’t immaculate with Pinterest commendable photographs constantly. In any case, in the back of my brain, I think about whether I’m shooting myself in the foot by not being so “Pinterest” commendable constan

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