Saturday, November 14, 2015

Pay attention to the Doggy Door

Why you should take notice of your doggie door

The doggie door can be very helpful for households with pets, but getting too lax about it may pose security risks in your own home.

The Website Concealed Nation for instance featured a story on a home intruder who barged in an unsuspecting home through the doggy door. SG24HrSingapore #1Locksmith

“The suspect, who is believed to have entered the home through a doggy door, was confronted by the homeowner after the homeowner arrived home to find items scattered around his home. Apparently carrying his firearm, the homeowner fired several shots at the suspect, hitting him multiple times. One of those shots hit the suspect in the head.”

Read the rest of the report here.

Another type of intruder

Animal Rescue Site meantime featured a different type of doggy door intruder.

“Forget about installing a doggy door! This clever tortoise, Jeffrey, doesn’t need any special contraptions to get inside the air-conditioned house. He might move a little slowly, but he’s discovered how to open the sliding glass door and amble inside to beat the heat, reports The Dodo. Unfortunately for the owners, Jeffrey hasn’t quite figured out how to close the door behind him, so the household may be stuck with some high electric bills in the future.”

Watch the video here.

The Independent Journal Review meantime featured a heart-warming story on doggy doors.

“Anderson enlisted the help of the park rangers, but could find no trace of her dog. The rangers warned Anderson that the preserve had a large population of coyotes, making it unlikely that Georgia would survive. Anderson didn’t give up hope. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, she and her daughter made the 70-mile round trip from Carlsbad to Los Pensaquitos over and over, hoping to find Georgia. Little did they know that Georgia was already headed for home. Nine days after she went missing, Georgia let herself into the house through the doggy door and jumped into Anderson’s bed. She was thinner, covered in scratches, and very tired— but she was home.”

Watch the video here.

So do you have a doggy door at home?

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